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Dedicated to Service

  • Effective & Efficient Use of Our Taxpayer Dollars
    - Educating residents and businesses on changing tax codes and business processes - Improving turnaround time on filing and refunds with new web based software and moving to a more paperless environment - Educating taxpayers through workshops such as TIPS (Tax Information Preparing Seniors), partnering with the Department of Development for Office Hours Workshops about getting a business license and working with the Small Business Development Center - Making resources, that residents and businesses need to thrive, easily accessible
  • Practicing Transparency
    - Having open & honest transparent business practices - Recruiting and retaining qualified knowledgeable staff - Constantly updating technology and informational literature - Generating better office communication and availability for residents - Communicating through social media platforms as a modern means of outreach - Created an annual newsletter to engage citizens and businesses - Hosts annual town halls for updates and understanding
  • Advocating for Taxpayers
    - Creates opportunity for feedback through LEED (Labor Education Entrepreneurship Diversity) - Connects citizens and the city for optimal administration - Attends the General Assembly yearly to advance an agenda that helps Newport News taxpayers
  • Engaging Leadership
    - Since in office I have actively lobbied on behalf of Newport News with local and state officials and community leaders to fairly serve all Newport News constituents - I led the collaboration effort to successfully create the Minority Business Commission to uplift and guide minority-owned businesses across Virginia
  • Community Engagement
    - Initiated Commissioner & Cans in 2018 as an annual food drive combined with Commissioners across Virginia benefiting all seven food banks in the Commonwealth -Initiated CASH, Children Achieving Success through Hardwork, to engage youth and encourage goal setting and achievement
  • Programs and Initiatives
    1. Commissioners and Cans Commissioners & Cans Food and Fun Driveis a statewide food drive, initiated by the Newport News Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office in 2018, that benefits all seven food banks in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as their pantries in churches, communities, and various affiliates. This is an inclusive effort where Commissioners of the Revenue across Virginia in a partnership with the Federation of the Foodbank have led their office and community in an effort to address food insecurity in their immediate locality. 2. Commissioners CASH In an effort to facilitate goal setting at any age, the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office engages the youth in a workshop called Commissioners CASH, Children Achieving Success through Hardwork. This is an opportunity for the youth to brainstorm, be creative, and write their goals down addressing their own who, what, when where, and how they plan to achieve their goals. This is a fun interactive activity compatible with the classroom, afterschool, or community groups as the youth are provided their own original designed goal sheet formatted to resemble green cash and reflect value in their individual process of goal setting. 3. TIPS The Tax Information Preparing Seniors,TIPS, forum is a series of discussions tailored for senior citizens 65+ and those who care for them. These forums focus on the tax relief programs offered by the City of Newport News. These forums provide an opportunity for our city's senior citizens and their caregivers to learn about the tax relief programs and ask questions pertaining to their property such as homes, cars, or other assets that their taxable income may consist of. As these tax laws are determined by the City of Newport News and the Virginia General Assembly, our office may partner with the respective elected officials as an additional resource of information and constituent support for our seniors. 4. LEED: Labor Education Entrepreneurship Diversity As the tax laws established by the City of Newport News and the Commonwealth of Virginia, influence various aspects of our city's economy differently, The Commissioner of the Revenue is committed to hearing from those who keep the Newport News economy strong through tours, visits, and attending special events. This creates an opportunity to receive feedback on the impact felt by our Labor, Education, Entrepreneurship and Diversity through direct engagement with employees and entrepreneurs. New business owners often have questions regarding the required process of opening a business. Existing business owners have questions in regards to operating the business. These can range from obtaining a business license, state and municipal compliance requirements, taxes and other matters related to their business. We understand each business is different and each business owner may have different questions. We conduct the Businesses Operating for Successful Stronger Economies (BOSSES) workshop. We partner with outside agencies such as Newport News Economic Development and Hampton Roads Small Business Development Center in an effort to provide free and public informative workshops where we can answer questions and engage citizens currently engaged in or interested in the process of becoming a part of our Newport News economy. Please visit our social media or contact our Public Information Officer if you are interested in attending a future workshop as locations and times may be adjusted to meet the needs of citizens throughout the city. 6. MBC The coalition comprised of the myself, Yorktown/Williamsburg NAACP, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Beach Minority Business Council, City of Richmond’s Office of Minority Business Development, and the Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce created the innovative Minority Business Commission. The Minority Business Commission (MBC) is the first, statewide and nationally, of its kind. A commission solely focused on the promotion of growth and competitiveness of Virginia minority-owned businesses. The commission emphasizes providing equal and equitable access to resources for minority businesses to have a chance at equal success.

Plans In Action

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